Lighting design from Studio Endo.


Studio Endo is a designer and maker of contemporary American lighting designs. Our collection creates a bold statement while letting beautiful architecture be seen in its best light. We manufacture all of our components in the USA, and hand-assemble these one-of-a-kind fixtures in our Providence, RI studio. Each fixture is made to order and can be customized to fit any space. We deliver designs that provide both functional and sculptural lighting.



ORBIS is inspired by the orbital rings and hexagonal cloud pattern of Saturn, and embodies celestial movement in a vertical architectural space. Available in two sizes, ORBIS transforms high ceiling spaces with its sculptural form.


KRUOS Mirror

KRUOS MIRROR beautifully combines a sconce and mirror into one piece, placing light where it is most needed. The edge-lit hexagonal form completely illuminates from all sides, avoiding unwanted shadowing. KRUOS MIRROR is also available in a wider hexagonal form LM31 and in square SM47 and is easily customized for any space.



HEXIA is a streamlined and versatile collection featuring the simple and balanced geometry
of a convex hexagon. Hung horizontally alone or in groups, HEXIA provides both a strong diffused downlight and a soft wash of upward light.



CHIME is a series of LED lighting for the wall and ceiling, inspired by the harmonious sound of resonating bells. CHIME sconce features two parallel bars of soft warm light floating over a disc backplate.


About the Designer



Miles Endo was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Honolulu, HI. As the son of two musicians, he gravitated to creative pursuits at an early age. He moved to Providence to explore design under the Rhode Island School of Design's Industrial Design program, where he discovered a passion for working with a hands-on process. After graduating from RISD, Miles worked in New York City designing furniture for a homewares brand. The studio environment was missing and he moved back to Providence to start on his own. Miles' design process is ingrained in creating within a workshop, where he can truly understand materials and turn concepts and drawings into reality. Studio Endo was founded in 2012, building custom furniture before transitioning into lighting design. In 2016 Miles launched his first collection of lighting fixtures