In 2015, STUDIO ENDO launched its first collection of lighting, the HIRA series. After years of being curious about lighting, Lead Designer Miles Endo was inspired by the process and acoustic texture of the carved interior of a Japanese Hira Taiko drum. An embossed copper shade rests over a steel ring with embedded LED's. The interior illuminates with a warm ambient glow.

In 2017, STUDIO ENDO launched its second collection of lighting, which included the HEXIA, DITRI, ORBIS, and KRUOS lighting families. This second collection sought to illuminate a space by surrounding the subject with a ring of light. A thin ring of LED's is captured within a steel frame and diffused through a polymer lens. This design produces a flattering and functional light when on, and blends into the space when not in use.

All of our lighting products were designed in Providence, RI and are fabricated and assembled in the USA.



Interior Design by Blkrbt Studio Photography by Sofia Tome

Video by Sky Sabin Productions Produced by Design Is Rhode Island