I was born in Tokyo Japan, and grew up in Honolulu, HI. I studied Industrial Design at RISD, finding my passion through crafting my own prototypes and using that knowledge to design better.  After a brief period of designing furniture in New York, I went on to found STUDIO ENDO in 2012. During the first few years, I honed my skills as a craftsman and built my own furniture designs, as well as some fabrication for others.  One of my breakthrough projects was in 2015, when I was commissioned by Converse to design and build several lounge chairs and tables for their new Boston Headquarters.

By 2016, I had built up a portfolio of furniture designs, and I applied to participate in Ellen's Design Challenge, a HGTV show where designers had just 24 hours to design and build a piece of furniture. I made in onto the show and found myself in the top 3. The one challenge that I missed out on was lighting design. Although I didn't get to do that project, I often wondered what I would have designed.

If anything, the show taught me how to work under pressure and trust my design intuition. After the show had filmed, I sought to develop and launch my first signature collection of furniture and lighting. I worked through the winter, developing my first collection, called HIRA. I took the HIRA collection to the Architectural Digest Design Show. After a good first reception, I found that my design had been on the right track but it had been so personal and specific that it didn't appeal to everyone. 

As a reaction to that first lighting collection, I decided to start my process back in the workshop, where I longed to revisit the basic metalwork courses in design school, where students are taught to experiment with folding sheet metal to create simple forms. Through dozens of prototypes, I developed a metal profile that would be the basis of a new series of light fixtures.

In 2017, I launched my second lighting collection that included the HEXIA, DITRI and ORBIS series of lighting. Now in our second year, the product has been refined significantly. I expanded the collection over the course of the year, adding variations that fit the needs of my clients.

In 2018, I returned to the Architectural Digest Design Show, where I was able to collaborate with several other exhibitors. And now, finally after ten years of attending the ICFF show in New York, Miles will debut an expanded collection of lighting designs at ICFF during 2018 NYC Design Week.




My design process is linked directly to a workshop, where I can truly understand the materials and turn concepts and drawings into reality.
— Miles Endo, Studio Endo