Bold design from unique inspirations.


We are a furniture and lighting design firm committed to optimizing natural materials, creating one of a kind products to transform a space. Inspired by bold yet refined elements,  each piece tells a story and reflects the designer's passions for furniture making and traditional Japanese culture.


Hira Series

The HIRA series is a collection of lighting and furniture inspired from the inside texture of a traditional Japanese taiko drum. The diamond shape pattern is created with a hand pressing technique. This collection is the successful combination of the designer’s passions for Japanese tradition and furniture making.


CUstom Furniture

We work with clients to develop unique pieces that will elevate the look and feel of a space. Close attention to detail is a priority in order to create the most enjoyable experience for you throughout this collaborative creation process.


Creating unique spaces

At Studio Endo, we work with our clients to design the signature elements of a space. From an office conference room to the interior of a new restaurant, we focus on creating a distinctive atmosphere using intricate well-crafted furniture, lighting and more.

The Story behind the work

Designer Miles Endo grew up surrounded by performance artists and Taiko drummers. This exposure to music and art led Miles to explore this passion through a lens of design. Our design process always starts with an inspiration that triggers an idea. This idea is always refined over and over to come up with a final product. We select domestic materials, making custom work both in house and in partnership with local manufacturers.